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The Silent Companions: A Novel
Laura Purcell
Underwinter: A Field of Feathers
Delilah Fawkes
Elephantmen: Mammoth Book 1
Joe Kelly, Richard Starkings

New to me but not very good – too garbled

Mice Templar Volume 5 - Bryan J.L. Glass



Admittedly I have not read the previous four volumes but a synopsis at the beginning explains a lot. This volume is basically one long battle as the templars (with help from cats and owls) take back the kingdom from the rats, weasels and bats. There are a lot of characters and I didn't feel the need to know who was who.


The artwork is not particularly clear but, if you've read the previous four books, I'm sure that this is not an issue. With lots of divided loyalties and betrayal, the story moves along but this was not for me.


The very rich get it in the neck! - and deservedly so.

Renato Jones: The One%, Season 1 - Kaare Andrews



The principle behind this comic collection is that the richest 1% of the population (of the USA) can do what they like to whom they like without repercussions. Renato Jones, himself one of the 1%, takes on the role of the Freelancer to put an end to this domination.


With flashbacks to explain his origin and connections, this collection is violent, heavily sexualised with a moral context. The colours are nicely done and the illustrations are clear on the whole. It's quite good stuff and reasonably engaging. There seems to be more to come.


Detective novel with a difference – recommended to all

I Am Missing: David Raker, Book 8 - Joe Coen, Tim Weaver, Louise Brealey, Penguin Books



Part of a series about private investigator, David Raker, this novel deals with him attempting to find out as much as he can about Richard, an amnesiac, who is trying to find out who he is. Raker's investigations take him to an island in the South Atlantic where the mystery unfolds. The plot involves murder, corruption, theft and should interest anyone who enjoys a well-conceived idea.

It's a page-turner, not overlong, original and quite clever.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Good self-help book

The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life - Martha N. Beck

A good self-help book which I could really have done with about 20 years ago when I started work. Now that i'm retired, it's less relevant but it contains a lot of very good advice about how to enjoy life more and put worries behind us. Recommended to all who feel that they're not getting the most out of life.

Gang warfare, politics, sex and violence – more of the same – fun stuff

Sex Volume 5 - Joe Casey



This series is about politicians, businessmen and gangs vying for control of Saturn City. Nobody seems to be honest and trustworthy. As the title implies, sex plays a major part in these power games. Our “hero”, retired crime-fighter Simon Cooke is playing his part as are others as two gangs vie for control and crime lords also try their luck. Super-powered individuals feature as well on all sides


A little reminiscent of the world of Largo Winch but with more sex and violence. Becoming more and more interesting, it's an engaging series but I hope that the creators don't drag it out for too long.


You have to like fighting in this third part of the series

Rage of a Demon King  - Raymond E. Feist

Third volume of a four-book series, this novel is basically one long battle with some progress with Roo's and Erik's individual stories. Revelations and intrigue abound with some further character development.

It's worth reading the previous two volumes to fully comprehend what this book is about and, although not a great fan of books about battles and fighting, I found it important to see it through to the end (640 pages plus). The fourth part awaits.

Action-packed Savage Dragon collection – with baby dragons!

FCBD 2015: Savage Dragon Legacy - Erik Larsen, Erik Larsen



Not particularly familiar with the Savage Dragon series, I found this book confusing at first but it all becomes relatively clear. The main character, Malcolm Dragon, now an LA policeman, fights an assortment of strong villains while dealing with his complicated love life and offspring. Many action-packed confrontations ensue.


It is well-illustrated as one would expect from Erik Larsen and company and the plot is quite interesting although I could have done with fewer fight scenes, all of which are pretty similar. Recommended to all followers of Savage Dragon.



Black Ops series continues as we discover more about the Alphas

Throwaways Volume 2 - Caitlin Kittredge

This collection deals with two main characters, Dean Logan and Abigail Palmer. He is the son of a paranoid survivalist who develops telekinetic powers amongst others while she is a “Manchurian Candidate” type of Special Ops operative who has been programmed. Both are on the run from all sorts and are befriended by others trying to help them. However it all smells of “who do you trust?” We find out more about the other Alphas and secret government agencies as everybody sems to be plotting against everybody else. Quite engaging and novel, it sets up at least one other volume as the plot thickens. The illustrations are quite good but could be more detailed or clearer. There's plenty of fighting and many would enjoy this book.

Silly but fun comic collection

Tim Seeley's Action Figure Collection Volume 1 - Tim Seeley

This volume is a collection of short stories based on an action figure collection: it is fairly silly, obviously a mickey-take of traditional comics with some wonderful strange characters from Dracula Man to Princess Poodlea of the Animaliens (You get the idea!).


Reasonably amusing, this collection is worth a brief look and makes a nice change to more serious collections.

Cold War-type conflict breaks out and David & Mirra save the day

Think Tank Volume 5: Animal - Matt Hawkins



A lot to this volume including a look at modern warfare methods used by the USA and Russia as an attempt to discredit the US by Russia is unveiled. David, recovering from his suicide attempt, is part of the solution and this volume delves more into his character and background.


The fifth and final of several volumes, this now-in-colour series is written intelligently and well-illustrated. It is engaging and I'[m pleased that the writer knows when a series should come to a satisfactory end. Recommended for lovers of intelligent story-lines.


Colorado-based mystery novel – quite good

Girl in Snow: A Novel - Danya Kukafka



Based in a small town in Colorado, this novel deals with the murder of a high-school student, Lucinda, and the investigation into her death seen through the eyes of three narrators: Cameron, a student with developmental problems, Jade, a high school loner, and Russ, a policeman assisting with the investigation. ~With an interesting surprise at the end, it's reasonably interesting but I found the language a bit too affected in places. Characters are well-developed and murder, adultery, abuse all come into the plot.


Quite good therefore but certainly not a favourite of mine.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



The story develops as do all the characters

Eclipse Volume 2 - Zack Kaplan



This comic collection deals with a world where the sun has become hot enough to burn and kill so, in New York, the people live underground during the day, only coming out at night. This volume concentrates on the phenomenon of the men who do not burn. Cielo and Bax are heavily involved in parallel stories into corruption among the leaders and others.


Quite a good yarn although the artwork does not always make it clear who each person is. The story continues and there is more to come.


Rise of a Merchant Prince: Book Two of the Serpentwar Saga - Raymond E. Feist

The second part of a series called the Serpentwar, this novel is all about a fierce campaign between the human race and the Saaur, a race of serpent/lizard creatures hell-bent on conquest. This volume concentrates on Roo Avery, ambitious to become a wealthy man in Krondor and delves into his successes and failures. Meanwhile Erik and company continue to fight the Saaur and their allies.

Magic and fantasy creatures feature more in this book than in the previous one and it's engaging enough to want to know where this is going.

Not a bad read - and I'll plough through the rest of the series at some point. Enjoyed it more than the first volume although some of it was predictable.

Things are coming to a head – and not before time

Descender Volume 4: Orbital Mechanics - Jeff Lemire

This fourth volume deals with different characters as Tim-21, Tim-22, Effie, Driller all end up in situations which seem to be finally bringing this storyline to a close. The conflict between machines and lifeforms is reaching a climax as both sides flex their muscles, hopefully concluded in the next volume.

The characters are developed well and makes the whole experience enjoyable. The artwork can be frustrating some times but is generally work a look. Worth a look, especially if you've read the three previous volumes.

Futuristic fantasy comic collection – violent and vengeful

Extremity Volume 1: Artist - Daniel Warren Johnson



This collection seems to take place in a future, possibly on Earth, where technology has mainly disappeared and the population are discovering it again. There is a massive conflict between two races and it's a tale of revenge with much bloody action, some monsters and flashbacks.


Although quite interesting, it's very colourful and reasonably well-illustrated but not all to my taste. It's quite good but nothing special. Interesting relationships are developed and, to some extent, these are the heart of the story.


The STD causes problems for the police and others

The Beauty Volume 3 - Jason A. Hurley, Jeremy Haun



An STD called “The Beauty” causes peoples’ looks to improve but at a cost, especially as someone has found a way to kill them. This set of stories deals with various characters as Detective Vaughn investigates the murder of various Beauties and Joe continues to find out about what people want.

An interesting concept, this series is worth a look – well-written and clearly illustrated.


Engaging and enjoyable, this is well worth a read.