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3 women in the same family die the same way in this Icelandic detective novel.

Whiteout - Ragnar Jónasson


This detective thriller takes place in Iceland and involves an investigation by Ari Thor, the main detective, and his ex-boss in northern Iceland where three women have died in similar fashion in a lonely spot. We learn more about Ari Thor as his girlfriend is heavily pregnant.

The whole thing is engaging and well-written as the characters are developed and fleshed out. I enjoyed this and ploughed through it quite quickly which is always a good sign. It's the third of these novels by Jonasson that I've read and I preferred it to Blackout and Rupture. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


A fitting end to a good fantasy trilogy.

Arrow's Fall - Mercedes Lackey


This novel brings the Heralds of Valdemar trilogy to a conclusion in which Talia has to face betrayal and the death of a loved one as well as personal injury. This novel is also about the political machinations back in the capital and the consequences thereof.

I enjoyed this trilogy which brought the author to my attention and I intend to read other books by her and hope for other sparks of originality. Well worth a look.

A young chemistry graduate goes to work for a “mad” scientist – nothing much happens

Blood Stain Volume 3 - Linda Sejic

A young woman struggling to find a job gets hired by a “mad” scientist. The plot again takes its time in this third volume as Elliott – our heroine – discovering that she has still not been given a definite role and ends up in confrontation with her boss, Vlad.

With humour and fine cartoony illustrations, this volume is entertaining and fun.
Some white lettering on black background which is not easy to read in the digital edition.


Successful relaunch of a popular series – well done

Youngblood Vol. 1: Reborn - Chad Bowers, Benjamin Towe, Rob Liefeld



This comic collection is a relaunch of the Youngblood series with some of the characters from the previous incarnation and many new ones. It is action-packed and well-illustrated. A typical super-hero team comic, it is interesting enough to please most comic book readers.





Lori Anderson returns in an exciting thriller

Deep Blue Trouble - Steph Broadribb



This novel takes place immediately after the events of Deep Down Dead and concerns a bounty hunter, Lori Anderson, out on a job to bring justice to her mentor and ex-lover, JT. She has to find an escaped convict on orders from an FBI agent but, unsurprisingly, not all is at it seems and the novel includes murder, stolen goods and the Mob.


With a little too much introspection for my liking, this thriller is truly engaging and exciting with good character development. More of an old-fashioned detective thriller than the last book, it is enjoyable and well worth reading – it reads as if the author had a film scenario in place: it's easy to imagine as a film. A further volume will follow. Recommended.


Over 400 pages of action-packed comic book – worth a look

Elephantmen: Mammoth Book 1 - Joe Kelly, Richard Starkings



This long volume (took me a long time to read!) tells the story of a world in which animals are enhanced to serve as fighters – the Elephantmen – and what becomes of them when they turn against humans and the consequences of this.


A variety of stories and artists make this collection worth a read although the quality varies. There's a lot to read and I'd have preferred smaller doses. It's well-written and introduces some interesting moral conflicts.


The girls find themselves back in time – prehistoric!

Paper Girls Volume 3 - Brian K. Vaughan



The adventures continues as things get mighty complicated. The paper girls find themselves in prehistoric times, meeting the locals as well as a visitor from their future. The past, present and future all come together in a confusion with plenty of action. The girls also find out a bit more about themselves.


Quite good as the series becomes engaging and it's not finished: there's more to come


Second volume of a Brubaker and Phillips triumph

Kill or Be Killed, Vol. 2 - Elizabeth Breitweiser, Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips Dylan makes a deal with a demon to kill "bad" people after attempting suicide. The comic collection revolves around his character and the decisions that he makes as well as those close to him. The hunt for the vigilante intensifies as his relationships develop. More volumes will follow. As usual, the creators have produced a gritty, well-written and clearly-illustrated chef d'oeuvre and fans of Brubaker and Phillips will certainly not be disappointed. Highly recommended.

Very good middle part of a fantasy trilogy

Arrow's Flight - Mercedes Lackey

This middle part of the trilogy deals with Talia's development as she does her "internship" and learns about her Gift. She has to deal with a lot of different situations which she does successfully in the end. The third and final part of the trilogy beckons but, so far, I have found this trilogy engaging, interesting and original. Recommended to all lovers of fantasy fiction.

Sci-fi comic collection about an alien come to Earth to prevent an invasion – not clear at all.

Horizon Volume 2: Remnant - Brandon Thomas



This collection continues the tale of an alien crew come to Earth to recover one of their race and to prevent Earthlings leaving the planet. A firefight takes up a lot of the central part of the story. Far too many flashbacks as the story leaps around.


The illustrations in the digital edition are not always clear so it is quite difficult to differentiate between some of the characters. The plot is OK but also hard to follow at times. Not brilliant but reasonably good. I'm not enthused enough to seek out the next volume.

Harry Bosch procedural detective story – very good stuff

Two Kinds of Truth - Michael Connelly



I hadn't read any Michael Connelly novels for a long time and received this one to review and it certainly puts me in mind to rediscover and continue with them soon. This one finds Harry Bosch working for the San Fernando police force and getting involved in a double murder at a pharmacy as well as trying to exonerate himself when a case from the past comes back to trouble him.


Characterisation of the main character is a major factor and the plot swings along very nicely and fluently, engaging the reader (I finished the book at 5 in the morning!). Straight-forward and interesting, it should be recommended to all lovers of detective fiction. My only gripe (a pet gripe of mine) is the need for thriller writers to give us readers street directions! Apart from locals who may read the book, this is meaningless to any other reader.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Antibiotics resistance aftermath - interesting concept

Surgeon X: The Path of Most Resistance - Sara Kenney

Dealing with the world's increasing reliance on antibiotics and its consequences, this comic collection centres around a family's involvement in medical circles in a not-too-distant future. As the British Government refuse treatment to many, Rosa operates illegally in every sense of the word as her family search for a solution to the antibiotic problem. Quite good although I wasn't too keen on the illustrations but certainly an original tale and especially important in this day and age. Volume 2 to follow should be interesting as well.

Simple style - engaging fantasy novel

Arrows of the Queen - Mercedes Lackey

The first part of a trilogy (The Heralds of Valdemar) and my first Mercedes Lackey novel and I'm impressed. The story of a young girl being Chosen to be a Herald, how she develops and grows into the role, is engaging, fun and written in an uncomplicated style that makes reading it a pleasure., Well worth looking at if you enjoy fantasy novels.

Comic about ninja high school girl – quite good

Street Angel: Superhero For A Day - Brian Maruca, Jim Rugg



This comic is about a girl living on the streets and always hungry who is an exceptional fighter. An incident with her friends is the main idea in the plot.


Quite good although not particularly original in places, this comic is worth a look and is quite clearly illustrated.


Spooky historical novel – Good but nothing special

The Silent Companions: A Novel - Laura  Purcell



Taking place in 1865 (with flashbacks to1635), this novel centres around Elsie Bainbridge, pregnant and recently widowed, moving into her husband's country estate with Sarah, her companion and sister-in-law. Here she encounters mysterious goings-on which date back to an ancestor of her husband's family. A series of horrifying events (with a hefty body count) ensue leading to a climactic end.


Not my type of book really but I saw it through to see how the plot develops – some of it was predictable. The characters are reasonably well-defined and developed. Recommended to lovers of “spooky” stories. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


True Romance story about a teenage Lothario

Scooter Girl - Chynna Clugston Flores



Set in a mods era, this story tells of Ashton, a teenage Lothario, bedding all and sundry, falling for the Scooter Girl of the title, Margaret. Along the way to trying to win the girl, accidents happen, other characters get involved and a curse is suggested.


When it comes down to it, that's about it really. If you're into teenage love tales, this may suit you. Clearly illustrated (although sometimes it is difficult to distinguish some of the male characters), it is quite fun – but, in the end, a bit fluffy.