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Science fiction / fantasy comic collection with mystery and drama

Oblivion Song - Robert Kirkman, Lorenzo De Felici

 A part of Philadelphia has been shifted into a dimension full of monsters and strange creatures. Nathan travels between there and Earth bringing people back but do they want to come back? With only a few key characters on both sides, the story is interesting and original while the artwork is clear and, in the case of the creatures, boggling and exciting. A worthwhile first volume.

Follow-up Volume about motorcycle racers and a drug/fuel enhancer called Crush

Motor Crush Volume 2 - Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr



Dom returns after two years to re-acquaint herself with friends, lovers, rivals and the world that she left. Lots of action and a certain finality to the plot.

I found this more entertaining than Volume 1 but I’m not too enthusiastic about the cartoony artwork.

A lot of adventures and fighting with new “warriors” to join Kevin.

Mage the Hero Discovered Volume 3 (Limited Edition) - Matt Wagner, Diana Schutz, Rick Taylor, Sam Kieth



Kevin teams up with Joe and later Kirby (Heracles) to take out the nasties and many more warriors (those with abilities) join in. A whole new batch of characters, supernatural beings and principal villain are introduced. It’s not the most engaging of plot lines but the artwork is reasonably done.

Ending on a cliffhanger, there are more volumes to come as Kevin must confront his nemesis.

What can I say? Excellent continuation of this story

Saga Volume 8 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples



I totally enjoyed this Volume which raises some interesting issues such as abortion while being captivating and exciting. Loads of interesting characters feature and the whole effect is of fun and clever plotting. I can’t recommend this series enough as the writing, originality and artwork make the whole experience worthwhile. Now onto Volume 9!

Excellent American detective thriller with many twists

The Liar - Orion Publishing Group Limited, Steve Cavanagh, Adam Sims

Eddie Flynn is an ex-con man and now works as a lawyer, hired to help out in a kidnapping case. The story takes all sorts of twists and turns and the whole thing is quite a ride. There's a fair amount of violence and a body count but also a lot of courtroom scenes. The characters are well-defined and interesting and our narrator makes for an odd combination of con man and lawyer. It's a riveting read, possibly with too many twists and revelations but still well worth the journey.

Slightly better than Volume 1 - many short stories about Luvander

Scales & Scoundrels Volume 2: Treasurehearts - Sebastian Girner



Luvander, an Urden. (dragon), gets involved in various stories concluding with how and why she was cast out of her Urden community. I enjoyed this more than the first volume probably because it wasn’t trying too hard. The artwork is still simple and not particularly detailed. It’s more fun than I remember and worth a little look.

First part of new fantasy series - quite original and interesting

Sleepless Vol 1 - Sarah Vaughn, Alissa Sallah, Leila del Duca, Deron Bennett



Princess Pyppenia's father has died, leaving her vulnerable in the court of Harbeny. She is accompanied by Cyrenic, a Sleepless Knight, pledged not to sleep so as to protect her. Court rivalries and conspiracies lead the story as the plot develops and characters are introduced and described. Desperate times mean desperate means and the story is well-told. The artwork is nicely coloured and detailed. An enjoyable experience - and more to come.

Good second part of the Inheritance series

Eldest - Christopher Paolini

This second part of the series develops the plot further, taking Eragon on long journeys, training and bloody confrontations with the enemy, making allies along the way and being reunited with those left behind in the first part of this series.
Perhaps overlong (over 600 pages), it's still an absorbing story with plenty of new characters - and a map! No point in reading it if you haven't read "Eragon" but it's a class fantasy series. Brisingr (the next part) next!

Backwoods vampire series - original and unusual

Redneck Volume 1: Deep in the Heart - Donny Cates



Bartlett and his adopted family are redneck vampires living out of town and getting along as best they can. Mistakes are made and rivalries are played out, resulting in death and destruction.


The characters are developed and interesting and the plot moves along at a fair pace. The artwork is reasonably clear and the series is original and worth a look if you’re after something a little different. Volume 2 to come.

Not for me - sorry

It Will All Hurt, Vol. 1 - Farel Dalrymple

I abandoned this after Part Two. This is a bit of a vanity project, mysterious and magical but disjointed and not particularly clear. Maybe I missed the point but, although the artwork is good enough, I wasn't enjoying it.

Espionage book for the modern age - quite good

Slow Horses - Mick Herron

I'm no great fan of the genre but this novel, the first in a series, is quite entertaining although it contains the sort of convoluted plot typical of spy novels. River Cartwright has been "exiled" to Slough House along with other MI5 members and a plot involving the kidnapping of a Muslim youth find them all involved in unexpected ways. Characters are well-defined and the story evolves at a good pace. Quite good - and different.

Horror comic collection- nothing special in my opinion.

Hack/Slash Omnibus - Stefano Caselli, Tim Seeley, Dave Crosland


Cassie gets involved with zombie attacks near a children’s camp, reviving her killing skills. Other significant characters appear on both sides of the conflict. With a lot of zombies destroyed and some sexual content, this collection is fairly basic and the artwork could be more interesting. Only for true fans of the genre.

First part of a fantasy series with dragons, elves, dwarves etc.. very good indeed

Eragon - Christopher Paolini



Eragon is a young man who finds himself embroiled in a struggle between the Empire in which he lives and those resisting it. A long journey ensues, full of adventure, magic, fighting and discovery. Many interesting and different characters appear, all with an important part to play.


The writing is nicely balanced between description and plot and the whole experience is entertaining, enjoyable and engaging. Highly recommended.

Slightly better than Volume 1 as it wraps up the arc

Mage Volume 2: The Hero Defined - Matt Wagner



Kevin Matchstick, the Mage of the title, continues his efforts to survive against the denizens of the Faerie Kingdom while slowly recognising his new role. No new characters are introduced but there’s plot development and continuity. It’s a better Volume and I’m getting used to the simpler artwork. More to come.

Historical detective story set in 1933 - good read

Elegy for Eddie - Jacqueline Winspear



Maisie Dobbs investigates the death of an old acquaintance of hers, Eddie, leading to find out about two other deaths. Her enquiries involve her with a variety of characters from the whole social spectrum as she unravels the mystery. It flows nicely and is written intelligently, making it rise above "cosy" crime. An enjoyable read, recommended.

The Faerie kingdom and our reality collide and a mage is born. Quite good

Mage Volume One: The Hero Discovered - Matt Wagner

Kevin Matchstick develops magical powers as a conflict between supernatural powers spills out into our world. He gains various allies of a different nature along the way. The volume explains the various characters and situation and presents them in a light manner. The artwork is fairly basic, colourful and clear but overall the series doesn’t thrill me. Many more volumes to come.