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Teenager goes off the rails and finds her way back

Nina is Not OK - Shappi Khorsandi



I chose to read Shappi Khorsandi's book as I respect her as a comedian. However this is not really my kind of book: it starts off as a chick-lit novel, not really suited to a 62-year-old male, but perks up a lot in the second half..


It deals with Nina, a sad 17-year-old taking 'A' levels, who relies heavily on alcohol and ends up drunk and in pointless meaningless sex situations. She loves her younger sister, Katie, and is antagonistic towards her mother and Mum's partner – a typical rebellious teenager. The first half of the book deals with this teenager's lack of self-respect and restraint. The second half deals with how she comes out of this and sets her life on a more sensible path.


Well-written and engaging (in the end), it is enjoyable with “happy” endings all round.