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Interesting follow-up to Volume 1

Invisible Republic Volume 2 - Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Sara Bechko



Following on from Volume 1, this volume deals with two journalists' working on Maia's journal and meeting hazards along the way while flashbacks tell us about Maia's history in this science fiction story about a totalitarian regime on Asan's moon (called Maidstone or Avalon depending on the era), run by Maia's former associate, Arthur.


The plot gets quite complicated as it is difficult to know who to trust and no character emerges as hugely sympathetic.


I do get annoyed at stories which chop and change from flashback to present day every few pages: it destroys continuity and is not really necessary.


The story will continue in a third volume and it is worth a look, especially if you've more patience than I have.