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Combination of SAS thriller with police procedural – hard to put down.

Deadly Game (Robert Finlay) - Matt Johnson


This novel takes place after a previous one and follows on with the plot – which is a little tricky if you haven't read the previous one - like me. There is an explanation to some extent of what has come before but it emerges as the book proceeds.

Robert Finlay is an ex-SAS operative now in the police force and having recently survived an attempt on his life. He is assigned to a sex trafficking unit but his previous experiences also come into play. This book includes action from both the SAS/MI5/MI6 world and from the police environment. It's quite a page-turner, exciting and engaging. However I feel that this will lead into another book and I prefer my thrillers to be stand-alone unless I know in advance that I am looking at a series. Recommended to all fans of both genres.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.