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Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows
Balli Kaur Jaswal
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Daniel Polansky
Chew Smorgasbord Edition Volume 2 (Chew Smorgasbord Ed Hc)
John Layman
Elephantmen: Mammoth Book 1
Joe Kelly, Richard Starkings

Cold War-type conflict breaks out and David & Mirra save the day

Think Tank Volume 5: Animal - Matt Hawkins



A lot to this volume including a look at modern warfare methods used by the USA and Russia as an attempt to discredit the US by Russia is unveiled. David, recovering from his suicide attempt, is part of the solution and this volume delves more into his character and background.


The fifth and final of several volumes, this now-in-colour series is written intelligently and well-illustrated. It is engaging and I'[m pleased that the writer knows when a series should come to a satisfactory end. Recommended for lovers of intelligent story-lines.