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Elephantmen Mammoth Volume 2
Richard Starkings
June 2019
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June 2019
reviewed: A different take on the scientists of the late 1940s. Interesting concept.
Involving all the great scientists of the era (Einstein, Fermi, Oppenheimer etc..), this imaginative comic series takes us th...
The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 1: Science, Bad - Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra
reviewed: YA fantasy novel which is generally a good read, part of a longer series
Sasha is whisked away from Earth to a magical world where plots are afoot and many adventures begin. These involve her mother...
Once a Princess - Sherwood Smith
reviewed: Supernatural “light” graphic novel which is silly but fun
This is a review of Volume 1. Two sisters have an agency bringing souls back from hell and get involved in a much more elabor...
Exorsisters - Ian Boothby, Gisèle Lagacé
reviewed: Nicely-executed fantasy comic collection. Well worth a look.
This is a review of the first five comics in Volume 1. This beautifully illustrated fantasy series deals with Maestros, the...
Maestros #1 - Dave Stewart, Steve Skroce
June 2019
reviewed: Supernatural adventure comic book set in Ethiopia - entertaining and informative
This comic novel deals with Sam, a white girl, teaming up with Lielit, a local girl, to investigate a supernatural animal, Ke...
Little Girls - Nicholas Aflleje, Sarah Delaine, Adam Wollet, Ashley Lanni
reviewed: Final volume to this fantasy comic series - beautifully produced
. The story continues as Cyrenic sleeps following his release by Poppy. However plots are afoot and this requires both of our...
Sleepless, Vol. 2 - Deron Bennett, Leila del Duca, Sarah Vaughn, Alissa Sallah
June 2019
reviewed: Re-issue of the first Spawn comics - very good, especially if you don't have the originals
I already have the first 6 issues of spawn so this gave me an excuse to revisit them in a different guise. There's no questio...
Spawn: Origins Volume 1 (New Printing) - Todd McFarlane
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