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March 2020
reviewed: Third volume in this YA fantasy series - a captivating improvement
I enjoyed this third volume as Mare, Cal and all the main characters amplify their struggle against Maven's reign and gain in...
King's Cage (Red Queen) - Victoria Aveyard
March 2020
reviewed: Another "light" quick read from James Patterson
Another "light" quick read from James Patterson, this novel centers around three cases, a missing baby, rapes and a murder. A...
10th Anniversary - Maxine Paetro, James Patterson
read and rated
February 2020
reviewed: Very good continuation of this YA fantasy series
This second volume of this four-novel YA fantasy series takes the plot a lot further. Mare leads a countermove against Maven,...
Glass Sword (Red Queen) - Victoria Aveyard
read and rated
February 2020
reviewed: Disappointing second detective story about Win Garano
Leading from At Risk, Win finds himself investigating a cold case but there are two other plotlines going on to confuse matte...
The Front  - Patricia Cornwell
read and rated
February 2020
reviewed: Very good first part of a fantasy series
Mare is a Red, essentially "slaves" or worker bees for the Silvers who possess powers that keep the reds in their place. Her ...
Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard
read and rated
February 2020
reviewed: A quick easy read about political machinations and a murder to solve
Unlike the Scarpetta novels, this one about Win Garano is less intense but still has a lot going for it. Dealing with a cold ...
At Risk - Patricia Cornwell
February 2020
reviewed: Detective story with a literary side to it. Different from the usual fare.
This detective novel deals with the death of an American staying at a coastal hotel in the UK. Gently is called in when it tr...
Gently Continental - Alan Hunter
read and rated
reviewed: Engaging second volume in the Book of Dust series
Phillip Pullman takes us further on Lyra’s journey, this time as a young woman, leaving Oxford to embark on a long purposeful...
The Secret Commonwealth - Philip Pullman