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Eclipse Volume 2
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Raymond E. Feist
Elephantmen: Mammoth Book 1
Joe Kelly, Richard Starkings
The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life
Martha N. Beck

Our dashing heroes try to rid themselves of the curse

The Adventures of Basil and Moebius Volume 3: Secret of the Ancients - Fritz Casas, Ryan Schifrin, Larry Hama, Robert C. Atkins, Glenn Fabry



In this third volume of the adventures of Basil & Moebius, two adventurers, they find themselves involved in supernatural plots involving their employer, the Collector. They are trying to free themselves from his dominion. The plot involves Triads, the Mossad, globe-trotting and loads of monsters.


Colourful and well-illustrated, this works quite well but there is an awful lot of plot explanation which tends to spoil the pace.