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Fantasy novel with plenty of surprises

Tournament of Hearts (The Librarian Gladiator, #1) - Dustin Bilyk



Starting of like a copy of the Hunger Games, this fantasy novel evolves along a different route, introducing other creatures and a quest. The story takes place in a small town called Hamelin in a land called Raithe which is constantly under attack from winged monsters called the Jagisalo.


The librarian, Neven Fairchild, is chosen to take part, along with three others, in the Tournament of Hearts and his whole bloodline will be eradicated if he finishes last. The Tournament is organised to appease the local deity and to guarantee good harvests. However, before the Tournament begins, he discovers a great deal which affects his position and makes him reconsider the whole purpose of the Tournament.


The characters are well-developed and the writing makes for an original and engaging read. Ending on a cliffhanger, I look forward to reading the next episode.