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The final act in this Brubaker / Phillips film noir tribute

The Fade Out Volume 3 - Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips



Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips bring us a further look at the dark side of Hollywood à la Elmore Leonard. The story is entertaining, well-written and well-illustrated.


Our “hero” is a screenwriter with links to blacklisted screenwriters during the McCarthy era. He investigates the death of a starlet who, like many starlets, is exploited sexually and treated as a pin-up. Other unsavoury characters, mainly men, abound. There are no really likeable characters, deliberately so as most of those working in Hollywood at the time were particularly sleazy.


Act Three brings the tale to a close in this engaging and seedy tale of sex, violence and double-dealing in the 1950s: characters are killed to keep the Hollywood myth going and the truth is never published.


Fans of the creative duo will not be disappointed.