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Hawaii for beginners - but not for me

Aloha Kahuna Soul - Rick dana Pruett

Problems with this book: chapters are split in mid-scene for no particular reason, there’s far too much of a travel guide to Hawaii including the geography and history of the local population. Street directions around Honolulu are only meaningful for the residents. Lots of flashbacks. If you want to learn about the history, geography, language, traditions and religion of Hawaii, this is the book for you but, otherwise, don’t bother.

Our narrator is a native Hawaiian who enjoys surfing, playing music and the history of the islands. After a near-death experience, he has a spiritual encounter which leads him to discover more about his heritage. I abandoned the book at just over a quarter way through it: the writing was fine when describing the environment etc.. but the main character did not work for me and I needed more plot by this stage.