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New Orleans detective story about property speculation

Cant Stop the Funk (Detective 'Cadillac' Holland Mysteries Series Book 2) - Harry H. Hiller

New Orleans detective story about property speculation


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


This detective novel deals with a Louisiana state policeman working within the New Orleans Police department after Hurricane Katrina had devastated the city. The plot involves three different sets of property developers interested in the same lower-income district of the city and our detective is wondering why. The dilemna of what happened after Katrina is well-explained and is vital to one's understanding of the story.


A third of the way through the book and I find it less than engaging. It gets more interesting about two-thirds of the way through and becomes enjoyable. If you're looking for a book with a body count, you'll be disappointed. Quite good in the end and worth a look.


Another gripe – and this often occurs in such novels – is the street directions given when someone is driving. These are meaningless and, in my opinion, pointless to anybody who does not live in the that city.


Finally there are missing words and extra words in this digital proof edition which I hope get ironed out in the final version as well as the split infinitives.