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The Silent Companions: A Novel
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Elephantmen: Mammoth Book 1
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More on the war between robots and humans

Descender Volume 2: Machine Moon - Jeff Lemire

More on the war between robots and humans


In the first volume, we discovered how Tim-21, a companion robot to a young child, was re-awakened and hunted after the Harvesters had started a war against humans. In this volume we continue to read his story as different parties with different agendas pursue him. We also find out what happened to the young child called Andy. (Is this a Toy Story reference?). Lots of races, including cyborgs, and fighting take place. There are revelations which turn the story around and it all ends on a cliffhanger so there is more to come..


The plot is developed well and makes the whole experience enjoyable. The artwork can be frustrating some times but is generally work a look.