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Small town America mystery novel – running backwards

All the Missing Girls: A Novel - Ms. Megan Miranda



I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. IU quite enjoyed this mystery novel about two missing girls, ten years apart. The narrator, Nic Farrell, returns to her home town, engaged to a lawyer in Philadelphia, to help sell her family home and to persuade her father to sell as he struggles with dementia.


The plot only involves four or five main characters, childhood friends and how both disappearances took place. Murder, blackmail, obstruction of justice etc.. all get into the act as well as a good deal of guilt and introspection. Essentially this is aimed at the female market but not exclusively. Quite good but perhaps overlong and the narration taking place in reverse time order (like Memento) does not seem really necessary or add much to the overall feel of the novel.