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Fantasy novel about werewolves, worth a read

Waer - Meg Caddy


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I believe that this novel is aimed at the YA readership but it can be enjoyed as a basic fantasy novel by all ages.

The plot involves Lowell Sencha, a werewolf, living peacefully with his family in a rural idyll, who rescues an injured young lady. She is being pursued by Daeman Leldh, a cruel military overlord from a stronghold not too far away. They both head south to her home city with Moth, a healer and her husband, Dodge, a story-teller. Without giving too much away, various adventures ensue as the novel heads towards a climax and final confrontation with Lleyd.

One problem with the plot is that the werewolf dimension is hardly exploited at all in the main part of the novel. It appears briefly at the start and again at the end: I feel that this is a wasted opportunity.

Characters are well-developed and this is an easy read, relatively engaging and interesting.