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Southern hospitality? I don’t think so!

Southern Bastards Deluxe Hardcover Volume 1 (Southern Bastards Hc) - Jason Aaron, Jason LaTour, Jason LaTour



This collection (this includes the first two volumes / arcs) continues the premise that rednecks are inhospitable and downright dangerous. It’s about a man returning to his home town after 40 years and discovering that nothing has changed: it’s run by a dictatorial football coach who controls everything and everyone and destroying anyone who gets in his way. The first volume deals with Earl Tubb returning to Craw County and deciding to fight for justice. The second volume deals with the aftermath of his visit but mainly looking at how the coach came to control everything. It helps to know something about American football (which I don't)


Well-illustrated and engaging, the comic collection is worth a look although a bit brutal and bloody at times. It does the folks of the deep South no favours.