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Science fiction b&w comic collection - not bad but not brilliant

Astronauts in Trouble - Matt Smith, Larry Young, Charles Adlard

Containing all 3 story arcs, this black-and-white collection is simply illustrated. The first story deals with a TV news team treading where they shouldn't as they explore a story about space travel in the late 1950s with dramatic consequences. The second arc is set in a more modern era, present day, and deals with an entrepreneur's quest to go to the Moon and the news crew from the first arc end up accompanying him. The third arc set further into the future in a bar on the Moon has locals telling tales about events connected to the two previous arcs.


The language is full of slang so, if English isn't your first language (particularly US English), this may prove to be challenging. The black-and-white illustrations didn't work for me as they were not detailed enough: I'm too old-fashioned and like colour and detail!