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Harrowing and brutal thriller set in Southern Africa

Reconciliation for the Dead (Claymore Straker Series) - Paul E Hardisty



This novel, based on true events during the 1980s in the Angolan war, deals with human rights abuses by both sides in this conflict. It also covers corruption and conspiracy in South Africa and Angola. The main character, Clay Straker, fights in the South African armed forces against Angolan insurgents and witnesses abuses and events which make him doubt everything that he has been led to believe.


The action is relentless, harrowing and brutal and the reader is compelled to read on despite the horrific events, just to see how this turns out. The writing is imaginative and I particularly liked the small descriptions that are fed in along the way of the landscape, wildlife and area.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review