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Harrowing detective thriller set mainly in Sweden – compelling and good

Block 46 (Roy & Castells Series) - Johana Gustawsson, Maxim Jakubowski



This brutal detective thriller has two main characters, Emily, a Canadian profiler working for Scotland Yard and Alexis, a French writer of true-crime books. They join forces to investigate a serial killer operating in both London and Sweden. Without going into too much detail, the plot also connects with 1940s Buchenwald and its horrors.


Engagingly written (although I would question a couple of the translations from the original French), this thriller is well-written and the plot drives it along very nicely. The characters are fleshed out and interesting and the whole book is worth looking at, especially if you are into serial killer thrillers.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.