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Astounding Wolf-Man Complete Collection
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The Soldier's Curse: A Novel (Monsarrat Series Trilogy Book 1)
Thomas Keneally, Meg Keneally
The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life
Martha N. Beck
Wayward Deluxe Book 2
Jim Zub

Good second volume although still confusing at times

Monstress Volume 2: The Blood - Marjorie M. Liu

Maika has a monster living inside her and she and her two travelling companions / allies travel to the Isle of Bones, seeking answers. There are various leaders and factions vying for power and, to be honest, it is not always clear what is going on. Lots of different characters appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

On the other hand, it is beautifully illustrated and worth reading just for the artwork, even if the story can confuse. Reading Volume 1 will certainly help and there is more to come