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Excellent deluxe edition

Wayward Deluxe Book 2 - Jim Zub

Comprising Volumes 3 & 4 of this series (already reviewed), this collection also includes lots of fact files about the research and background to this fascinating story. The gifted children under Rori's leadership take on the Yokai at every opportunity. Rori is however under the influence of the Spider Mistress and the Tsuchigumo. The Yokai are also trying to recruit newly-powered youngsters. Good plotting leads to some surprises. Then the gifted children are dispersed, some in Japan and Rori and Ayane in Ireland with Rori's father who has links with the Irish fairy folk. There are flashbacks about Rori's origins as well as action in Ireland and in Japan. It's getting quite complicated so reading the three previous volumes is recommended. It's obvious that there is more to come and I look forward to it.
This series continues with a lot of action and adventure and is nicely written and illustrated. The series is well worth a look.