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Thriller set in Brighton, maybe a little far-fetched?

The Other Twin - L V Hay



Poppy, a supply teacher in London leading a fairly dismal life, returns to Brighton when she finds out that her sister, India, has committed suicide. Not believing that this could have happened, she investigates further by seeking out her friends and reading her blog. An old boyfriend and his family all get involved in one way or another as secrets are revealed, all within the Brighton scene from its pier to the gay community.


A little too intricate for my liking, this novel is a page-turner, entertaining and engaging. Characters are well-developed and the book is written very much with the current social media fashion in mind. I can recommend it to all those who enjoy an easy mystery read although it would possibly suit a female readership more – a growing trend among thrillers at present.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.