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The Never Game (Colter Shaw #1)
Jeffery Deaver

Old-fashioned detective thriller - with a bit too much boating!

Deceived: A Sam McClellan Tale - Laura S Wharton



Sam, a detective, finds himself investigating his partner’s murder and a lot more besides. Various characters, seedy or helpful, get involved and this reads like a nice old-fashioned detective novel (see Ross McDonald, etc..)


Because it takes place among North Carolina’s boating community, there’s a lot of description of various types of boat, lots of yachting detail and terminology which will mean nothing to the lay person i.e. me. Also, (another of my pet peeves), is the unnecessary amount of directions, on road or boat, which will mean nothing to anyone not local.


However I found the novel very engaging and enjoyed it a lot. Very good and recommended to fans of detective fiction.