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Very good thriller - enjoyable and action-packed

Pieces of Her - Karin Slaughter



This is the second Karin Slaughter book that I've read and, although I enjoyed it, I probably preferred The Good Daughter. This novel concerns itself with Laura, a speech therapist, and her daughter, Andrea, who suddenly find themselves embroiled in the death of a killer. There's quite a lot of complications behind what happens next and I shall not reveal those here. The novel is peppered with flashbacks to 31 years previously to explain some of Laura's background and how she has got herself into the present situation. The book also heavily involves the daughter, Andrea and her quest for answers in 2018.


There's a good deal of characterisation with several important characters involved and the plot moves long quite well although I enjoyed the present-day scenario more than the flashbacks. There's also a lot of introspection by all the main female characters, probably more than I needed. As thrillers go, it's very successful and well worth a look.