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Harry Bosch teams up with another detective - as usual a good read

Dark Sacred Night - Michael Connelly



This latest novel by Michael Connelly sees Harry Bosch, still getting older, teaming up with Renee Ballard, a detective working the night shift in LA. He is investigating a cold case about a young runaway murdered nine years earlier. She joins him while they both also get involved with other crimes. As one might expect, this is a fairly fast-moving police procedural with quite a lot of action and strong developed characters. We already know Boschs personality and learn a lot about Ballard and their colleagues. The only annoying thing for me is the unnecessary LA street directions which will be meaningless to anyone outside of Los Angeles.


Enjoyable and engaging, this thriller will please Connelly fans and anyone who enjoys well-written American detective stories. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.